Planko, the newest construction game. Original and innovative. It develops creativity, cleverness and artistic expression. It captivates children from 4 years old as well as teenagers and adults.

The planks are made of hardwood. Their precision is worthy of a spatial era and enables amazingly sturdy structures.

The basic techniques included in instruction manual will provide you with maximum pleasure; you will find simple models and some others more complex.

Each plank is grooved to allow complex assemblies. Planks of exact dimensions, to build graceful and sturdy structures. Don’t hesitate to drop the basic techniques and try your own experiences.

An educational tool, Planko can be used at home, in schools or in nurseries. Whether individually or with friends, this construction game provides the children with a fascinating challenge, always renewed. When construction becomes a pleasure!

Recreate the world with Planko !

Send us photographs of your best works;
we might include them in our “models” section.

The highest quality in a wooden game, for a very reasonable price !

Available, on order on order in quantities of
200, 400 or 1000 planks.